Stages of Development

Stages of Development


Green21’s online strategy includes four stages of development leading up to the air-date:

  • Stage 1: current WordPress site
  • Stage 2: Green21 will build community and extend the core group to include partners, early adopters and influencers
  • Stage 3: as video production kicks off, the Green21 website will expand to include more video and podcasts, greater social networking capabilities, and enhanced systems to manage, distribute and track its content and applications
  • Stage 4: by the time the broadcast series airs, the website will be in its fourth iteration and the focus will shift to incorporate more user-generated content and educational outreach, including tools for community management and internationalization; engineering resources will be in place to scale the site and anticipate demand

Green21 is an annual broadcast series. Its online presence will continue to grow to include new content and tools relating to further episodes and topics on the themes of sustainability and climate change. The long-term strategy includes:

  • Providing high-quality, compelling and easily-shared media
  • Leveraging and partnering with existing social media platforms
  • Adapting to how users view, share and contribute to the content
  • Growing Green21 into a recognized and trusted brand for audiences and online users ages 16 and up