seeking wordpress developer for film sites

seeking wordpress developer for film sites

I work with several film makers who are creating documentary films with a social or environmental focus. Many are  starting to move past the basic companion website in Flash, and embracing social media, user participation, interactive maps, etc.

These are film projects funded by major foundations, and some have national distribution already lined up with PBS. So the sites we build will have high visibility and will hopefully make a real difference in the world.

I’m looking for folks with experience in highly interactive/social web development. Useful skills would be WordPress, CMS systems, CSS, PHP, SEO and social media optimization strategies, basic Flash, online video, Google Maps and Google Earth integration. Interest in documentary film, media, sustainability, social and environmental justice and related issues could also be relevant.

The projects are based in San Francisco and in Berkeley. Most work can be done remotely, but our preference is to work with someone local to the Bay Area, so that we can meet occasionally when needed.

Kevin Kanarek
Online Content & Strategy

Email: [email protected]