Images & Creative Commons

Images & Creative Commons

Where to Search

  • Creative Commons provides a Search Engine that frames or filters photo sharing sites like Flickr, Yahoo, google Images etc.
    check both boxes to exclude Non-commercial and No-Derivative (i.e., filter the search to include only Attribution licenses)


  • as you continue searching FlickR, Google, Yahoo! etc. those filters might “fall off” so you might need to enter the filters within the specific sites you’re searching, and always doublecheck the license terms of a specific image once you’ve found one.

    For this reason you might want to search within one site at a time, directly.  See below
  • Flickr:
    From the advanced search page, enter your search terms, and check the appropriate Creative Commons filters


As you continue searching, make sure the Creative Commons filter is still on:


  • Google:  Provides a “Limit to Sharable Works” button and a “Search Images” feature BUT NOT BOTH!!


Steps to Save, Share and Publish

  1. Verify that the license is indeed Attribution-No Derivative Works
    Once you’ve found an image, doublecheck the actual license.

    • For example, on Flikr page of the photo itself, in the right column under the heading where it says:
      Additional Information
      Some rights reserved

    In general we should be building a library of Attribution-only content, since eventually we’ll be remixing and editing the stuff, even if its just to alter the saturation to make it fit better with a page.

  2. Save Key Information for Sharing and Caption
    to save/share the photo with the green21 team and include in caption on our website:

    Emailing the link below to green21 team is sufficient for them to see and save the photo!
    caption example:
    photo credit: nalilo under Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative license

    Note:  instead of the text name of license above, we might consider using the small icons that Creative Commons uses.  These are universally recognized, but more steps would be involved in inserting images in our captions.  Also we should come up with a universal style sheet formatting for these photo credits (e.g. smaller font size)

  3. Save Image Files For each image we need the URL that leads directly to the image and a high res (“Original Size”) archive version, in case the file is moved or taken off of creative commons down the line.  The hi-res version should be about 1 megabyte.Ultimately there will be three versions:
    1) a full resolution 1 megabyte archive version in case we want to edit or crop or use for print later on.  The archive should be filed in a folder under
    2) a photoshop cropped, color corrected, and resized for specific dimension
    3) a jpg generated from 2 above and optimized for the web page:  to about 20K

Photographers to keep an eye out for:

list below any photographers with CC license work who are good prospects for green21 photos

colors - indian street vendor

Asha & Jackie in the Murrumbidgee River

Boolean Strings

(park OR nature OR forest OR woods OR beach OR canyon OR cliff OR river or ocean) AND (children OR kids OR people)

For web file naming and management guidlines, see: