Episode Descriptions

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Episode 1: Welcome to the 21st Century
Sustainability: what are the economic, scientific and social challenges? Susanne Moser on the psychology of climate change and Paul Hawken on ecology and social innovation.

Episode 2: Counting, Measuring, Mapping
The science behind climate change and the carbon cycle, and how metrics, mapping and cloud computing can transform our understanding — and our choices.

Episode 3: Living Cities
Megacities and the growing importance of the “city state,” how urban growth is impacting women and society at large, and a green city model for China, Tianjin.

Episode 4: On the Move
The rise in global car ownership, the race for alternative fuel sources and advanced technology vehicles, Lisa Gansky on “The Mesh” and transportation alternatives.

Episode 5: Joule the Energy
The U.S. Green Building Incentive Program, energy literacy and renewable resources, the Swiss “2000 Watt Society” and smart meters and the smart grid.

Episode 6: Building to LEED
Sustainable building in New Orleans, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, “Biomimicry” and Bob Berkebile’s Greensburg, Kansas.

Episode 7: In and Out Green
The Green way of remodeling homes, Greenhome.com’s eco-friendly products, Stuart Brand’s Whole Earth Catalog and the Maker Faire.

Episode 8: Green Grits
Local food, Josh Fraundorf on urban farming, the link between diet and health, and
Michael Pollan on building a healthier society through healthier food.

Episode 9: Got H2O?
California’s Central Valley as a microcosm of national water issues, the Pacific Institute’s Dr. Peter Gleick on the “soft path” for water, and the Water Education Foundation’s Rita Sudman on how to take action.

Episode 10: Genuine Plastic
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the life cycle of plastic, possible toxins from plastic in consumer products and Beijing’s Plastic Bags Reduction Network.

Episode 11: Gone is Away
New York’s history of trash, waste management in landfills, packaging waste, “ewaste” and William McDonough’s concepts of “downcycling” and “upcycling.”

Episode 12: Do More Good
The waste generated by U.S. hospitals, the possible links between diseases and environmental factors and the Teleosis Institute’s vision of Green Health Care.

Episode 13: We’re All Participants
Eyak Rainforest Preservation Fund, Jerome Ringo and the future of “green-collar jobs,” Microlending, Google Earth and the Amazon Surui tribe, and Bill McKibben’s 350.org.