Series Overview | Episode Descriptions

National broadcast distribution has been secured with American Public Television (APT)

The Green21 perspective is positive, empowering and intelligent. The series integrates first-person storytelling and the insights of experts and visionary thinkers. Each half-hour episode covers an issue such as climate, energy, transportation, water and economics. Green21 takes a whole systems approach to the issues, inspiring viewers to reimagine the world and their role in it.

Each half-hour episode starts with a quick-paced, narrated montage that gives an overview of the subject. Viewers then meet one person – a builder, nurse, or community organizer – working to address the issue in a positive way. Animated graphics transition between segments and illustrate complex concepts. The next two sections delve into the science, policy, and innovation of the issue with recognized experts in the field. Then, visionary thinkers conclude each episode by presenting the long view and offering creative solutions.

Green21 will reach 75%-85% of Nielsen’s U.S. Television Households. National public television distribution has been secured with American Public Television (APT). The Green21 audience is intrigued by science, technology and innovation and is engaged by the first-person stories and solution-oriented treatment of the issues. Green21 will appeal to traditional public television audiences as well as a younger demographic through the innovative use of online and social media.

In the first season, Green21 will focus on the issues of the day in the U.S., supplemented by international stories in China, India, Brazil and Switzerland. The second season will revisit timely topics with new stories, and the international focus will shift to other regions of the world, highlighting issues in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Australia and Venezuela.