LIFEBOAT: The Green21 Alternate Reality Game

by Ken Eklund on January 28, 2010

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LIFEBOAT: What will float, and why?

Normally Caspian’s a personable optimistic guy. Like many of us, however, he sees disruptions ahead – and he’s afraid his childhood friend Amy, now expecting a baby, will fall into dire times. So Caspian’s determined to “scout out the future.” He’s asking people to tell him what they feel will “float” and what will “sink” in their lives – i.e., what’s sustainable? What isn’t? He believes their knowledge will coalesce into true insight about the future. From it, he’s forging living narratives about the communities and organizations that will be lifeboats and float free and clear no matter what the future holds.

People experience and interact with LIFEBOAT just as they do with real life, using technology they already know such as cellphones, smart phones, Facebook and the Internet. They follow Caspian’s story in videos, images, textfeeds, or podcasts, and respond to his ideas by calling in, by linking to web assets they’ve created, or by browsing the growing pool of citizen stories and adding to the discussions. People play LIFEBOAT because they want to help create a story about intensely relevant issues.

A participitory alternate reality game, LIFEBOAT is part of the wider Green21 multi-platform initiative that features a public television broadcast series and its supporting social media.

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Lifeboat the green21 alternate reality game.. Smashing :)

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