“River of Renewal” will air on PBS

by Kevin Kanarek on November 3, 2009

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“River of Renewal” is an award winning documentary that will air on PBS stations beginning October 25. Produced by Stephen Most, Jack Kohler and Steve Michelson, “River of Renewal” won Best Documentary Award at the American Indian Film Festival.

Conflict over water & wildlife in the Klamath Basin turned farmers and ranchers against American Indians and salmon fishermen in Oregon and California. But after lawsuits and winner-take-all politics brought disaster to the farms, the fish, and the fisheries, these stakeholders came together to forge a consensus for the common good. Will the future witness the extinction of salmon in what was once North America’s third greatest salmon-producing river? Or the restoration of the Klamath as a home for life?

“River of Renewal” is scheduled to air on KQED in San Francisco 11/15 at 6 pm (check PBS Air Dates for other stations and locations). Writer and producer Stephen Most is also a member of the Green21 team, and he’ll be blogging at this spot next week (Nov 10).  Check back then, or subscribe to green21.org on your RSS feed reader!

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gail November 13, 2009 at 3:32 am

What has happened to the West Coast Salmon is a tragedy, like what happened to the plains buffalo a hundred ears ago. i hope that it’s not too late, that the rivers can be saved along with the fish and the people who depend on their return. It’s not just some nostalgia for how the land “used to be.” If we’re wiping out entire species that we’ve coexisted with for thousands of years, it’s really, really bad.

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