Mayors’ Letter of Support for Green21

by Jennifer Thompson on September 16, 2009

in business, politics, social change, sustainability

Green21 is excited to connect with  sustainability advisors and leaders who share our mission and support our efforts.  Please contact me ([email protected]) to add your signature to this letter.

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Mayors’ Letter of Support We the undersigned support the goals of Green21 and value the importance of sustainability literacy and public engagement on the following issues: • Sustainability, conservation and climate change are among the most significant challenges of the 21st century. Through community initiatives, legislative action, technological advances, economic innovations and lifestyle choices, the American public today will play a crucial role in determining our global future. We bear a great responsibility to ensure that our decisions are well-informed and wise. • The mission of Green21 is to raise awareness and inspire change on a personal and societal level. Green21 is a multiplatform series that combines the excellence of public television with the power of online media. Storytelling is part of the solution – we must put a human face on the issues. People need to know viscerally that, in spite of the scale of the challenges, they themselves can make a difference. • In addition, Green21 addresses an urgent need for sustainability literacy: an integrated, systemic framework for understanding how sustainability works across different societies, technologies and spheres of human activity. Green21 takes a whole systems approach to the issues, inspiring people to reimagine the world. • Green21 recognizes that cities, towns and other local municipalities are key agents of current innovation and future change. On issues such as transportation, recycling, water use, housing and energy, local government is often closest to the reality on the ground; with a unique combination of agility, connection to communities and ability to implement new ideas. Green21 will highlight these efforts and the large role that local government plays in determining how people manage resources and services, and ultimately their quality of life Peter Drekmeier Mayor, City of Palo Alto Heyward Robinson, Ph.D. Mayor, City of Menlo Park

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