Green21 Advisor Michel Gelobter at Climate One

by Kevin Kanarek on April 17, 2011

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climate-one Michel Gelobter, Hara’s Chief Green Officer and a member of the Green21 Board of Advisors, spoke at Climate One at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.  The discussion was titled “Measure What?” and focused on how the measurement and reduction of carbon emissions is spurring competition and innovation among forward-thinking companies.

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Republished with the permission of Climate One at the Commonwealth Club of California
Commonwealth Club of California.

Greg Dalton, Vice President and founder of Climate One, interviewed the panelists:

  • Hara Chief Green Officer Michel Gelobter (Green21 Board of Advisor)
  • Business for Social Responsibility Senior Vice President Eric Olson
  • Blu Skye Principal Glen Low

Excerpt from Michel Gelobter’s talk:

…Energy and resource management has not been a systematic business process, right? No one ever tracked bails of hay per beer cart pulled by horses in London. Or where the manure went afterwards. They certainly have not been doing that with respect to modern industrial energy use significantly. We’re now entering a world where we’ve hit those limits, right? We know we’re running out of fossil fuels, we know that prices are going up, we know we’re running out of atmosphere and a variety of other resources. We need to use energy, and energy is becoming much more of a day to day currency. Carbon, certainly, as a friend of mine says, is becoming the first new global currency since gold.

Michel Gelobter with Jennifer Thompson at the Green Software UnConference

Michel Gelobter with Green21 Executive Producer Jennifer Thompson at the Green Software Unconference

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