The Green21 Story

by Jennifer Thompson on January 1, 2009

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Green21 is a media project that I’ve been developing for the past two years. My goal is to bring a narrative to the environmental, sustainable and social justice movement. Green21 started out as an idea for a public television series, and my business partner Cynthia Zeiden has secured broadcast distribution with American Public Television.

In the process of developing the content for the 13-part broadcast series, I needed input from experts. I contacted a number of people and finally got a meeting with Dr. Stephen Schneider at Stanford University. When I first met with Dr. Schneider, he said Green21 is an ambitious project — and that’s why he agreed to get involved. He introduced me to a number of our board members including Ralph Cavanagh of the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) and Richard Moss of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

While the content of the series was being vetted by scientists and thought-leaders, Green21’s online and social media strategy took off. With the help of Kevin Kanarek, Michael Holzer, Ken Ikeda and Andy Volk, we developed a multi-platform media initiative which bridges broadcast television and Web 2.0 — and all its implications such as geotagging, Creative Commons licensing, Twitter and YouTube. Thank you to everyone who has worked to get Green21 to this stage, especially our graphic designer Frank Dufay.

We welcome your suggestions and comments regarding the project or content proposed in the series. Currently we’re in the fundraising stage and hope to start filming in the Summer of 2009.

(Photo Credit: Omar Uran under Creative Commons Attribution license)

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