The Surui Carbon Project & Google Earth Engine

by Denise Zmekhol on May 31, 2011

in carbon, Children of the Amazon, climate change, deforestation

Green21 Director Denise Zmekhol shares the most recent video update of her ongoing project with the Surui people and Google Earth Outreach.

We are posting the latest chapter in the continuing story of the partnership of the Surui people and Google entitled The Surui Carbon Project: A Great Adventure. The new film clip runs 4 min and tells the story of how the Surui are using Google Earth Engine, a new technology, to measure and protect the trees of the rainforest.

Google Earth Engine is an online environment monitoring tool, a digital model of our planet that is updated daily and available to the world. It stores petabytes (millions of gigabytes) of satellite data and allows high-performance tools to analyze and interpret this information that can then be visualized on a map. This platform can be used to measure rainforest changes in the Amazon, water resources in the Congo, or other important environmental resources.

I conducted several interviews with Google in Mountainview which we combined with footage taken in the Amazon by the Surui and their Carbon Project partners, including the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT Brazil), Metareilá, IDESAM, Kanindé, Forest Trends and FUNBIO. To learn more about the Google Earth Engine platform, visit their googlelabs page. If you want to know more about the Surui, watch Children of the Amazon.


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