Green21’s compelling segments will
inspire students to become informed
about a range of important environmental
issues and become stewards of their
environmental future.
Ted Sicker
Content Director
PBS Learning Media

Utilizing the power of first person storytelling, Green21 presents a diverse cast of visionaries, experts and everyday people tackling the planet’s most pressing problems, offering fresh perspectives and new, sustainable solutions.

Here are some of Green21’s action heroes:

  • Imelda Padilla teaches kids in her Los Angeles neighborhood to plant trees and shows them how wise stewardship builds community and improves air and water quality
  • Chief Almir of the Surui Tribe in the Brazilian Amazon equips his tribe’s youth with 21st century technology so they can document illegal logging and preserve their history and culture
  • Josh Fraundorf of Sweet Water Organics shows how he transformed an abandoned factory in the Rust Belt into an “aquaponics” fish and produce farm

Reaching New Audiences
Green21 features environmental stories representing the vibrant diversity of contemporary America, offering multiple points of entry across demographic sectors:

  • As the first environmental series to partner with Teacher’s Domain/ PBS Learning Media, Green21 will reach 70% of U.S public schools serving 10-18 year olds
  • As an alternate reality game by SXSW-award winning designer, Green21 will target 18-34 year olds
  • As a national public television broadcast series by an Academy Award®-nominated and Emmy®-award winning production team, Green21 will cover 75-85% of U.S. TV markets which will reach ages 35 and up

Empowering Partners
Green21’s organizational partners include the major cornerstones of public media, educational programs and civic engagement: WGBH Educational Foundation, Teacher’s Domain/ PBS Learning Media, American Public Television and New Venture Fund. They are joined by non-profits at the forefront of environmental innovation and activism, including: Chesapeake Bay Foundation, World Wildlife Fund and GreenSOS in China.