Thank you to everyone who helped make Green21 a success. Your work helped bring sustainability to the forefront of our national dialogue. The team at Green21 is moving on to new projects and other endeavors in the spheres of sustainability, regional non-profits and media.



Watch the trailer for Green21’s premiere episode “Got H2O?” as visionaries, experts and everyday people explore innovative solutions regarding our most precious resource –- water.

Green21 presents the best new thinking about the big environmental challenges facing us today, delivered in an engaging transmedia format that invites reflection and inspires action:

  • A 13-episode national television series presented via American Public Television (APT)
  • An educator’s outreach kit with video modules, lesson plans and field projects developed  by the WGBH Educational Foundation and distributed by Teacher’s Domain/ PBS Learning Media
  • The Green21.org website, featuring podcasts, vodcasts, geo-mapping and interactive tools
  • An immersive alternate reality game, Lifeboat

Watch Segment One of “Got H2O?” here.